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寬恕樂淘淘           ★★★


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宽恕就是去强就软,但不折伤自己;宽恕就是不仅承受创痛,还有回复平静的能耐。试着去原谅!forgiveness means bending without breaking, being strong enough to withstand the heavy weight of injury but resilient enough to recover. Be forgiving!

生命中有太多的不义,太少的完美。看开这一点,原谅生命中不可避免的过错。Life is never perfect and often unfair. Forgive life’s inevitable failures.

原谅自己:为做了不该做的和该做而未做的事;原谅自己为别人而活,和只为自己着想。Forgive yourself: for what you regret doing and for what you wish you had done, for not being fully for yourself and for being only yourself.

宽恕自己仿如洗涤心灵,让羞辱与愧疚一起流走。宽恕自己就是宽恕别人的起点。Self-forgiveness cleanses the soul, washing away shame and guilt. Out of self-forgiveness comes the power to extend forgiveness to others.

遭受伤害的你,有权感到难过、被出卖,愤怒和厌恶。理解并接受自己的感受,表达给对方知道。咬牙强忍不说,创痛迟早会溃烂于埋藏之处。You have the right to feel sad, betrayed, angry, resentful when you’ve been injured. Understand, accept, and express your feelings. Pushing them below the surface only means they will erupt in another place, at another time.

面对面向那个使坏的人,说出你的感受。若无法做到,就会带来更多的伤害,在脑海里对他说吧!Confront those who have hurt you; tell them how you feel. When that’s impossible or when that could harm you or someone else, speak to them in your imagination.

宽恕并不是容忍对方得寸进尺,或是让伤害的关系持续下去。建立适合自己的行事规则,并让别人知道你是个有原则,就事论事的人。Forgiveness does not mean accepting further abuse or continuing destructive relationships. Establish boundaries for what is acceptable to you and make those boundaries clear to others. Hold them accountable for their actions.

公理评断是非,但疗伤惟有宽恕。公理之外,更要宽恕。Justice may right the wrongs, but forgiveness heals the hurt. Seek forgiveness beyond justice.

人偶尔会犯错,给别人带来伤害。因为他跟你一样,还有很多要学习、成长。原谅他的缺陷,他只是个平凡的人。Sometimes people hurt you because, like you, they are learning and growing. Forgive their incompleteness, their humanness.

拒绝原谅只会带来更多的伤害。若缺乏宽恕的勇气,受害一次,无异终身受害。何不卸下受难者的袈裟,做个宽恕的人。To refuse to forgive is to continue to hurt yourself. Victimed once, your lack of forgiveness keeps you stuck as a victim, holding on to a victim’s identity. Instead, claim the identity of one who forgives.

为什么不能原谅?与其费心压抑不好的感觉,不如面对自己,细细理出头绪。Recognize how you’ve refused to forgive. Keeping inner monsters at bay requires energy. Instead ,use your energy to affirm and embrace life.

受害者本身是弱者,但若能得饶人处且饶人,受害者也能夺回主动,反转形势。Victims are helpless, at the mercy of the offender. By showing mercy to an offender, you put yourself back in control. Take charge by forgiving.

宽恕能实现在最疼痛的伤口,在泛泛之辈、在最厌恶的 人身上。这是上天赐给我们的能耐。Know that forgiveness is possible even in the most hurtful circumstances, even toward someone you may not trust or respect, even when someone doesn’t seem to deserve forgiveness. It is a testimony to the goodness your creator instilled within you from the first moment of your being.

宽恕,是去伤解痛的唯一良方。能否痊愈,决定全在你。Forgiveness is the only real prescription for the pain you feel over someone else’s behavior. The healing choice is yours to make.

宽恕犹如一项重要的求生技能,帮助你一片误解、痛苦、怨怼、与憎恨的狂乱中,理出方向。Think of forgiveness as a powerful survival skill. It helps you find your way through the wilderness of understanding ,hurt ,resentment ,and hatred.

天下有不是的父母。如果你无法原谅,何不想想,他们只是用自己曾经被对待的方式来对待你。父母的父母也是,还有父母的父母的父母…… If you find it hard to forgive your parents for their imperfect parenting, remember: they were shaped by the imperfect parenting they were received from parents who were shaped by their own parenting, and so on and so on…

别企图用忘记来逃避伤痛。成功的机会很渺茫,甚至不值得一试。该做的事——向前行,了解过去才能原谅过去。Forget about forgetting an injury. That’s now always possible and maybe at times not even desirable. Rather, choose to move on, past remembering to forgiveness.

用宽恕来触动一连串的良性反应。宽恕能洗涤伤口,消毒杀菌,然后愈合,带来成长。Let forgiveness be the catalyst for a healthy chain reaction. Forgiveness sterilizes the wound, which permits healing, which releases energy for growth.

有爱就有痛。用原谅来抚平爱的伤口。No loving relationship if free of hurts. Bind up the wounds of love with forgiveness.

没有不可原谅的过错。除非你执意孤行。原谅或不原谅全在你。No offense is unforgivable unless you make it so. Use your power wisely.

倘若咽不下这口气,说不出“原谅”两个字,试着回想自己也曾需要被原谅的心情。今天,何不慷慨给与。When you are having a difficult time forgiving, recall a moment when you wanted to be forgiven. Offer the other person what you wanted to receive.

宽恕需要练习,从小处做起,再往大处努力。Forgiveness takes practice. Start with small hurts and work your way up to the big ones.

人的一生都需要宽恕。原谅再原谅——纵使同样的过错亦然。Forgiveness is a lifelong process. Forgive over and over-even for the same offense.

宽恕表面上似乎没啥用,因为它不是立竿见影的方法。伤口的愈合与再生,它像酿制老酒一样,需要时间。Forgiveness may seem futile when you see no immediate results. But healing and growth are like fine aged cheese-not instant mashed potatoes. Give forgiveness time.

没有人能使你难过。变好或变糟,你有能力为自己做决定。运用你的 能力,掌管心情的 喜怒哀乐。No one can make you feel bad. You have the power to choose between getting bitter and getting better. Take responsibility for your feelings; claim your power.

以吝啬心相待,不可能使对方变好。反而会使你自己——变得更糟。You cannot change someone for the better by holding a grudge. Grudges only change you for the worse.

扪心自问,使“不能原谅”还是“不肯原谅”。然后用心去感受爱,让爱来软化你纠结的心。Ask yourself whether “I can’t forgive ”means “I won’t forgive.” Then turn your heart toward the warmth of god’s love and allow that love to thaw your heart.

宽恕需要勇气和决心。深掘内心,你会找到力量。Forgiveness takes courage and determination. Dig deep and you will find the strength you need.

且让宽恕打开和解之门。今天的敌人不难变为明日的朋友。Allow forgiveness to open the door to reconciliation. Today’s bully could be tomorrow’s friend.

确信关系是可以重建的。过去的恩怨就让它过去,喜乐的生活将就此展开。Accept the possibility of rebuilding a relationship. Past offenses can be bulldozed and buried and a better life built atop the debris.

宽恕没有但是,否则你的内心将因伤害的不同而纷扰。该如何宽恕,你自己看着办!don’t put conditions on your forgiveness, or your inner peace will depend on the decision of the person who hurt you. Make you own choice.

得不到原谅,以牙还牙是死路一条,你不过是跟他一般见识。抽开身,退一步想,你可以宽恕。When someone won’t forgive you, refusing to forgive in return is no answer. That’s like wrapping yourself in the other’s chains. Keep yourself free; forgive.

帮助自己去原谅,你可以想象对方好的那一面,且去感受那份圆融和谐。To help you forgive, picture the other person surrounded by the light of god. See yourself stepping into that same light, and feel god’s presence with you both.

即使没有一句抱歉,没有任何弥补,也可以宽恕。如果要讨回公道才肯宽恕,你就得痛苦一阵子,承担由别人来决定自己生命的风险。Forgive even when there has been no apology or restitution. If you withhold forgiveness until a wrong is made right, you risk condemning yourself to a life sentence of unresolved bitterness; you risk letting your life be shaped by someone else’s actions.

宽恕不是为别人;二是为自己好。让自己品尝宽恕的甜美果实。Forgiveness is not something you do for someone else; it is something you do for yourself. Give yourself the gift of forgiveness.

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